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As parents in your town are buying school supplies make sure they are asking themselves, "Does my child have everything they need?".


Parents are starting to look around now for things that their children can do after school. After school, they come home and do their homework but have tons of energy built up from sitting at a desk all day. Maybe parents let their kids run around in the yard for a while or take them to a park but as you and I both know the very best way for them to channel that energy is by taking martial arts classes.


Make sure everywhere parents go in your town they are reminded of your school!


Plan your Back to School bash and get invitations out to your students to give to their friends. Stock them with buddy passes and plan a contest to entice them to pass them out! Now is also the perfect time to send out an Every Door Direct Mail campaign. You also want to start bundling up rack cards and getting them placed in every store & business you can think of. Stock up on VIP Cards. Hang up a banner or a cling. Be ready!


Also make sure to grab our brand new Parent's Night Out Pack! This one is a Minecraft theme and is the first of many to come! It will be a great event to have on hand and ready to kick off the new school year!