It is important to know that responsibility is earned!


“It's not something you're entitled to. If someone is hesitant to give you additional responsibility, it's probably because you've been nonchalant with the responsibilities you already have. You might think, "But the responsibilities I have now are so petty/boring/stupid/etc., and if I'm given more of a challenge, I will take it more seriously," but that's a characteristic of irresponsible people; they do things as long as they're challenging, fun, and new, and when that fades, they lose interest.”


Earning grown up responsibilities is something you’re all doing right now. The older you get, the more the adults in your life realize you can take on. That’s a really awesome thing. Some responsibilities are just simple though. Making your bed every morning, cleaning your plate after dinner, finishing your homework when you get home from school, etc. These are very important things that help you grow as a person. We need to be responsible for our lives.


There are responsibilities you have when you come to martial arts classes every week. You might not even be aware of them. You need to make sure you bring your sparring gear if that’s something you’ll be doing that day. You need to make sure your belt is tied perfectly. You need to know everything that is required of you to earn that next belt. You are accountable for these things. If you’re not perfectly prepared you will be holding up everyone else in class.


Make no excuses. It’s easy to blame other people or lie when you didn’t do what was expected of you. That is a sign of weakness. Take full responsibility for your actions and you will be a happier, more productive person. You will earn the respect of your instructors and your peers. Don’t make excuses. Get things done!