Great idea

Posted: Jun 04 2018

Got this email the other day from a school that recently ordered a box of 5,000 summer cards and was looking to order 5,000 more.  Check out what he did!


Ellen and I have already passed out the last 5000 to local schools. We have been feeding the teachers and staff at the local schools ( Parent/Teacher conferences and Staff Luncheons) and it has opened the doors wide for marketing to the students through the teachers. So we bundle 30ea. ad cards per teacher and they go into the teachers mailboxes which in turn go into the student folders that they take home. It used to be almost impossible to market through the schools but things change when you feed them. Ha Ha. Its really about building relationships. We also do fundraisers for school supplies at the beginning of the school year, become sponsors of the PTSO each year with a small donation, booths at all of their events ,but when you feed them... look out!

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