The school year is about to end. Kids always really miss their friends over summer vacation. It's often really hard for parents to coordinate playdates. It would be so much easier if they could just hang out at karate!


That's why you NEED these cards. This is one of those NO-BRAINER marketing ideas! These cards are the Valentines Cards of summer marketing, if you know what I mean!!


Order these TODAY and get about 25 in the hands of each of your students and their siblings. They will pass them out to all their classmates inviting them to kick off summer right by going to a party at your school! You are sure to have a packed house for your party and will definitely sign up a lot of new kids!


Kids will be EXCITED to pass these out! They will love having a chance to get together with all their friends once school is out!


Order NOW! School will be over before you know it. You don't want to miss out!


"What should I plan to do at the party?"


Most schools will order pizza and provide water and juice boxes for the kids.  You can play games, do a mini karate lesson, just show the kids a really good time.  Do not make it one long karate class - you invited the kids to a PARTY.  Make it fun!


Or you can choose switch things up and BBQ hot dogs for the kids outside or even get a pavillion at a park and have the party there!  You can do outdoor summer fun with the kids - organized games, karate, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water balloons.


"But can't I just promote the party on Facebook?  I do all my marketing on social media nowadays."


NO!  Social media is great for a lot of things.  But getting physical invitations into the hands of kids is the key here!  Kids are not on Facebook!  Most parents won't let their kids on any social media until they are well into highschool.  What makes this marketing idea work is that the kids get the invitations directly from their friends, who love your school and who will really want their friends to come.  The kids take the invitations home and give them to their parents (and of course beg them to take them so they can hang out with their buddies at your school). 


"Can I change the date & time on the cards?  Or any of the other details?"


Yes!  As with ALL of our personalized marketing materials, the Kick Off Summer Party Invites are totally customizable!  Just make a note in the "additional information" box online of any changes you need done above and beyond what the fields as you for!


Make sure every parent leaves your party with a flyer for your summer program and/or summer camp if you still have space left!  Again, a physical card the parent can take with them is key!  Don't hope that they will go home and see your cool Facebook ad or check out your website later.  You have them at your school, in front of you now.  If they leave without signing up for something make sure they have something to physically take home with them!