I love waking up! I’m sure you’re all up bright and early every morning, right? You’re ready to eat breakfast and get the day going. But if you stayed up late doing homework, there is a simple way to be more productive in the morning. Open the blinds as soon as you wake up! Go outside and stand in the sun for 20 minutes before you do anything else. It's so easy and it will energize you for the day.


Some days can be pretty stressful, but do you know what's easy? Making your bed. It takes less than a minute. Pull back your comforter, fluff the pillows, tuck the sheets in. It doesn't need to be perfect, just make it look nice. You just created some order in your hectic day before even leaving the house!


Okay, so you’re probably wondering what morning routines have to do with martial arts. It’s all about getting a good start. It’s all about having a positive attitude. The earlier in the day you start thinking happy thoughts the better. One small positive thought in the morning can change the outcome of your entire day. How you behave and how you feel determines how you act. This is the formula for having a positive attitude. 


It’s about feeling good! We all work hard on perfecting our techniques and learning new skills, but martial arts should also be fun! One of my favorite things about going to class every day was just how much fun it all was. I loved practicing the latest forms, but I REALLY loved running drills and jumping on the trampolines. Both things are equally important in developing a positive mental attitude. 


Let’s all try to have positive attitudes this month. Be a positive role model for the other kids in class. Smile more. Be optimistic. Laugh. Have some fun!