Grandmaster Silva posted this online yesterday and I wanted to share!  He is talking about me and my daughter.


Here is a nice twist on getting leads and appointments with a promotional booth.


I was recently at the zoo with my grandchildren when my granddaughter was approached by a girl scout. The scout asked my granddaughter how old she was. Emily said 5 and the scout asked if she wanted to join the Girl Scouts.


Emily said “I don”t know”. At that time the scout leader asked Valerie if she wanted to sign up for more information. Valerie did and the Scout kept talking to my granddaughter telling her a little about scouts.


The scouts also asked Emily if she wanted a candy. They started by asking Emily if she was allergic to anything.


Today Valerie received a nice short e-mail “Hi Val. We are really excited you chose Girl Scouts of America. I know you wear many hats but it will only take a minute to finish registration and choose a location near you.”


Using this format you could get some great results with your next promotional booth!


Have your SWAT team members or Demo team members volunteer to assist you at your promotional booth. Do a couple of hours per team so they don’t get tired. The students should be dressed in their nicest uniform. Their job is to approach kids and ask if they take martial arts lessons. If they say “no”, they ask them to come over to the booth and get some information OR spin the wheel OR sign up for a membership. The student would next ask the parent if they could give their child a free gift. The student of course shows great confidence and courtesy by saying Sir or Ma’am . At your booth you should have information concerning an event you are having next week at the school. This could be a bully event or beginner martial arts workshop. Ask for their name and e-mail address so you can send them more information. Listen carefully for clues or indications that the person is interested. Your big goal is to sign them up on a trial such as:  Two lessons and school T-shirt $29.95 SAVE $20 by signing up today!


Here it is step-by-step:


1. Nice Booth
2. Students in uniforms approaching kids
3. Students are friendly and ask if they take martial arts lessons
4. Students say “you should - it’s a lot of fun”
5. Student asks the parent politely if they can give something to their child
6. Gift could be a rubber wristband, balloon or other small gift
7. You and the older staff take over an introduce yourselves to the parents. Your students try to keep talking to the kids.
8. Gather leads. Ideas include - Spin the prize wheel, enter a drawing for a free family membership. BE SURE to mention the Free Event at the school next weekend. If you haven’t already get their name and e-mail address so you can send more info.
9. Offer the discounted trial program.
10. Enter and TAG all prospects into your software and create a Flow for automated e-mails.
11. Follow up with an e-mail about the free community event.
12. Include a link to sign a waiver or register with a free Profit Generator.


Greg Silva