I was speaking with a school owner yesterday who is getting ready to open their school in a storefront for the first time.  They asked for advice on how to get 25 students enrolled right away.  So I went to Grandmaster Silva for the answer.



You just need a few things to make this happen. A promotional booth, a website, an e-mail marketing system and a grand opening date. The Official Grand Opening can happen 8 weeks after the Grand Opening. You also need very friendly, outgoing staff people to man the booth.

1. Your website must be a professional one. This is not the time to look for a freebie. Your website should talk about your unique programs, your beautiful new facility, when and where and your mission. There should be a place for Pre-Grand Opening Specials. When prospects want to see the schedule, be sure to capture their e-mail. Once directed to the schedule page, they should see the Pre-Grand Opening Specials. You are not looking to have people enroll on a regular program but rather an extended trial that saves them money and other freebies. The 6 week trial always does well at 50 - 75% off for people that register by a early date. You can have them register all their information and get a 50% OFF offer. They are then directed to a sign up page where they will pay. RainMaker can do all this for you. In fact it will do more by following up on the prospects electronically while you follow up on the phone.

2. Have a promotional booth at the location you are moving into or a center close by with plenty of traffic. Your goal here is to build rapport, introduce services, sign people up on the Pre-Grand Opening Special and get their information. If you have a local indoor mall nearby check on getting your Booth front and center or set up a kiosk.    Everyone is put in the e-mail system.


3.   Follow up on the special, invite prospects for a free workshop, and continue to send them information on the benefits of martial arts.


4.  Be sure to send everyone that does the Pre-Enrollment a welcome letter and ask them to bring a friend.


5. Start marketing early!  Work the booths when the most people are around, work the e-mail systems and continue calling.


The above is all what you need to do for the Pre-Grand Opening - BEFORE you unlock the doors!


Have a Grand Opening Ceremony - Invite all local businesses and prospects plus local politicians.   This is your ribbon cutting, open house, offering special deals and trial classes.


Official Grand Opening  - The is about 8 weeks in.   Your new students will put on a demo during this open house.   All should be expected to bring 5 people.   Plan for food, music, decorations and special offers on programs


Greg Siva