When I was 9 years old there was no internet. The wonders that are iPhones and Netflix just didn’t exist yet. Stay with me here, I’m not THAT old! 






All I wanted was a television in my room. I thought about waking up and being able to watch cartoons without going into the living room. That seemed like the pinnacle of luxury and success.  I cleared some space on my dresser where this television would one day live. My dad told me, “Good luck with that! It’s not going to happen unless you make it happen.” I worked for it, I did odd jobs, I saved up. A few months later that glorious tv was mine. I set a goal. I worked on that goal and I reached it.






I was very lucky growing up. My dad owned a martial arts school; what’s cooler than that!? I was young and hungry so I loved watching the older students perform and show off. I wanted to be just as good, if not better than all of them. I printed out all the techniques and forms that were taught at the school and put them in a 3-ring binder. I would stand in front of the mirror when the school was empty and just practice for hours. I eventually mastered all those techniques. I like to think I surpassed the abilities of the older kids. You don’t need an empty school to practice in, you can do that in your own home. If you want to be the best you can work hard and reach that goal!






Once I got good I wanted to compete in tournaments. It was time to get to work. My specialities were kamas and musical forms. There was a kid from a school down the street that always got 1st place; I was always getting 2nd place. There is nothing wrong with that! I was very happy to win a trophy. I was happy just being able to compete, but I really wanted that 1st place win. I practiced like I was running out of time. I asked for help from every instructor at my school. Eventually I did win that 1st place trophy. If you want to win, put in the work and nothing can stop you.






There is really no difference between wanting a television and wanting to succeed. It’s just goal setting. REPEAT AFTER ME: Goals we set are goals we get!