Doorhangers:  Perfect for Summer!

Summer is one of the best times of year to get doorhangers out around town!

Two reasons:

One- Parents of prospective students are looking for ways to keep their kids busy during summer. This can be a great time of year for new enrollments!

Two- Parents of your current students are looking for ways to keep their kids busy during summer. This is a great time of year to get them to help you!

When Mark and I were kids, here is what Mr. Silva did at his school which we particpated in many times. This is a solid, simple plan you can follow immediately:

Pick a Saturday afternoon and have your SWAT or Leadership team come in. Every student gets a large stack of doorhangers. Parents drive them to a neighborhood - kids should carpool so this is done in teams. It's a great way to get them social outside of class. They walk the neighborhood and put doorhangers on every door for you. When they are done, everyone meets back at your school (an hour or so). To thank them for supporting your school and helping out, you should then reward them with a pizza party.

Simple. Effective.

Honestly my neighborhood gets door hangers on every door from one business or another on a weekly basis. It's one item that people will definitely look at - they have to take it off the door when they go inside. Most people will read it while they walk to the kitchen counter to put it down. It's a smart marketing tool that can also double as a way to get your current students involved in helping you out!

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