8 Ways to Show Gratitude to your Students
8 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Students

I wanted to share with you 8 ways that you can show gratitude to your students. Our Black Belt Excellence theme for next month is gratitude and it's always important to model what you are trying to teach your students!

1. Pick one student from each class that is trying extra hard and make them your co-instructor for the class. Everyone else will be trying twice as hard next week so they can be the co-instructor too. You also just made a students' day!

2. Leave your office door open. Don't shut yourself away from your students. Allowing them to come in and ask you questions whenever they want shows how much you respect them.

3. Do you have anything extra laying around your pro-shop? Maybe some patches gathering dust? Pass them out for free to people coming in for the first time or as bonuses to kids that are doing well in class that day.

4. It's always someone's birthday. Have balloons and a banner hung for that special student - an impromptu party! They'll never forget it.

5. Find small ways to interact. Helping a student re-tie their belt shows them that you really care. It's also a great opportunity to compliment them on what a great job they are doing one-on-one!

6. Write thank you notes. Send personalized postcards to your students every month thanking them for being a part of your life and telling them they rock! Kids love getting mail and are so excited when one of their role models (you and your instructors) takes a minute of their time to go the extra mile.

7.Always be positive! Smiling from ear to ear is contagious and let's everyone know you really care.

8. Allow some time after class to help anyone that is struggling. Pulling that one kid aside to give them a few extra minutes of personal attention is powerful.