1. Spring Sale: Offer discounted rates or special promotions to new students who sign up during the spring season.

  2. Outdoor Classes: With the warmer weather, consider offering classes outside to attract new students or engage with current ones.

  3. Spring Break Camps: Host a week-long spring break camp for kids and promote it through social media, flyers, and email marketing.

  4. Spring Challenge: Host a spring challenge for current students to keep them motivated and engaged. This could be a fitness or endurance challenge, or a technique-based challenge.

  5. Bring a Friend Day: Encourage current students to bring a friend to class and offer a free trial class for the friend.

  6. Spring Graduation Ceremony: Host a graduation ceremony for students who have advanced to the next belt level.

  7. Spring Open House: Host an open house for prospective students to learn more about your school and try a free class.

  8. Spring Cleaning: Use the change of seasons as an opportunity to clean and update your school, and promote any changes or improvements to current and potential students.

  9. Social Media Campaign: Use social media to promote your school and its offerings, and engage with current and potential students through contests, giveaways, and posts highlighting student accomplishments.

  10. Spring Seminar: Host a seminar with a special guest instructor or a focus on a specific topic, and promote it to current and potential students.