Our Halloween cards have worked year after year for hundreds of schools and they are a MUST DO marketing item.  These cards are given out to trick or treaters on Halloween by all the families that go to your school.   Simply order enough so that you can pass out a nice big stack of 25-100 to each of your students (both adults and kids; give bigger stacks to families who live in neighborhoods with lots of kids) and then they pass them out along with their candy when trick or treaters come to their door.  So easy!!!  


The are also great to hand out at shopping malls, place in rack card locations and more. My personal favorite are the ones with the Halloween Safety Tips.   These are the easiest cards to have fellow business owners distribute.  You simply go to a store and speak to the manager.  Explain that your martial arts school has a mission to keep kids safe.  Ask if they would help you by handing out the Safety Tips to all their customers.   These go especially well at restaurants on kids eat free nights.   You will also do well setting up a promotional booth where ever they sell pumpkins and pass out the tips and passes.


Follow this link to view the entire Halloween collection 


This is one marketing opportunity you do not want to miss!