Focus is a skill we all begin to learn on day one of our martial arts classes. We quickly understand that having good focus will be super important to learning our forms, improving our techniques, and moving through belt ranks. Focus is the ability to concentrate without being distracted. 


Parents: When watching classes you will see the kids standing at attention, sitting with their hands still or kneeling with their hand on their knees.  The goal is to put kids in a position when learning so they can't be distracted by other kids moving, using their arms, squiggling around or being restless.  Once the body is focused we teach the children to keep their eyes on the instructor.  One of the cues we use is to yell out "Eyes on who?" the kids respond "Eyes on you!"  Kids learn that their eyes must be on the person talking.  This is taught in class and of course we remind the kids to do this at home and at school.  Then we teach them to "focus their mind."  The idea is that when distractions are at a minimum the children find it easier to concentrate. 


I want you to focus on the future. I want you to focus on your goals. You become what you think about the most. If you think about all the negative things in your life or remarks you hear, you tend to notice them more and more. I want you to focus on positive thinking and the things you do well. This will come around and help you improve the things that need work.


Look at those eyes on the front cover of this month's Black Belt Excellence issue. That’s the focus and determination I want to see in all of your eyes every day, in and out of class.

Author:  Mark Silva