Happy Monday!  Let's get this week started off strong by being inspired by what we're passionate about.  Here are 3 THINGS TO GET YOU GOING:

Spoiler Alert:  We're not going to talk about Martial Arts.

1. WORKING HARD WORKS:  My girlfriend and I went to the Miami Dolphins game yesterday at Sun Life Stadium and we cheered and screamed as they closed the first half 41-0.  Last year we went to a pre-season game and had a great time, but we had to buy scalped tickets.  We were cocooned up high in the nose bleed section, the cheap seats. Yesterday, only a year later, we watched the newly inspired Dolphins destroy Houston from the SEVENTH row.  Last year I was in the nose bleeds, this year I was on the sidelines.  I want to see all of you in the VIP box next year.  I've been working my ass off, it's time for you to work your ass off too.

 "Get a good idea and stay with it.  Dog it, and work at it until it's done and done right." - Walt Disney.  I read this quote on Twitter today and it woke me up.  There are thousands of people online, so called professionals, telling you how to better run your business. There are millions of books on Amazon that will tell you how to stretch better and make millions of dollars.  I want you to ignore all of them this week.  I want you to time travel and think of the posters that were on your childhood bedroom wall.  Are you into football?  Maybe you really love Star Wars.  Did Bruce Lee movies change your life?  GOOGLE THESE THINGS.  Read books on the topics you are passionate about.  You will find inspiration in the things you love.  Tony Robbins will help you on your work commute but that Yoda quote might actually put you in the right mindset to get things done.

 Do you have some Chinese take-out in your refrigerator?  Maybe you have some garlic or decent olive oil in the cabinet?  I want you to be creative this week.  Life is getting too easy.  Blue Apron will send you a cooler of measured ingredients so you can cook a nice dinner.  The most popular LEGO boxes give you all the pieces you need and the instructions to build that picture on the box.  I'm boring myself to sleep even typing this.  Throw everything you have in a pot and see what happens!  Let your kids build something they came up with through pure imagination.  Let's throw out the instructions and have fun!  Let's screw up!  Get your brain firing!  Every little creative thing you do can transfer over to your work life. 

Check the blog later this week, because we're going to put these things to work.  NEXT UP: Martial Arts is not a business.  It's a passion project, it's a passion project.  We're going to talk about logo design that works, getting back to basics, and rediscovering that passion for Martial Arts that got you excited about it in the first place.