All successful schools are doing this one extra thing to make them stand out in their town.  Here are the top 5 ways to use our folders to make your school better!

  1. Use them for your new student packets - fill up the folders with our inserts, your schedule, new student information (copy of their contract, your handbook, etc), information on upcoming events, buddy passes, coloring book, the current Black Belt Excellence newsletter
  2. Use them for prospect packets - include most of the same items as above, just remove whatever new student information you would normally include
  3. Pass one out to each of your students for them to use at school
  4. Sell them in your proshop
  5. Pass them out when you are doing school talks!  I honestly can not think of a better giveaway to use at every opportunity you have to get into the school system.  Make sure each folder includes the most recent BBE Newsletter, a rack card with your school's info and latest offer, and something fun for kids (a sticker, pencil, bookmark - whatever little promo item you normally use)

Our folders also have cutouts inside to hold your VIP/business card so make sure you have plenty of those on hand to include!


Bonus!  I will include one free surprise pack of 50 of our professional inserts with each order!