Martial Arts Collective - Get Students
$ 1,500.00

This is the highest level of accountability and collaboration. The question you want to ask yourself is, “Are you making the impact you want while earning the income you want living the lifestyle you want?” The Martial Arts Collective was developed by the Action Karate team after 27 years of testing and perfecting. They now have over 22 locations and own a majority of the real estate under their schools. Their team members are all full time with retirement accounts and health benefits and unlimited vacation.

• Daily meetings Monday through Thursday for you and your team

• Unlimited access to the founders of a multi-million dollar martial arts organization

• The COMPLETE business systems your need to run your school. Everything from enrolling a new student to getting them to Black Belt

• Monthly Accountability and Stat Tracking

• Collateral for All Special Events and Programs

• Instructor Training and Certifications for Your Team

 *This is a monthly membership.  You will be charged automatically each month.