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Elements Curriculum

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Early in 1989, Greg Silva developed a curriculum specifically designed for teaching martial arts to children - the Universal Curriculum.  After seeing schools struggle with kids retention and kids struggling while learning martial arts, he decided to be proactive. His goals were many.

  • Make learning fun and positive for kids.
  • Produce solid martial arts students with great form.
  • He understood kids wouldn't practice for hours at home so he structured the program to focus on results instead of memory.
  • His school was growing fast. He went from 0 to 500 students in less than a year without a large staff. He needed a rotating curriculum, not rank specific.
  • He knew that a champion in martial arts had certain physical elements: power, speed, focus, accuracy, intensity and excellence.

The curriculum spread through UP clients like wild fire. Soon schools in the US, Canada, Cayman Islands, England, New Zealand and Germany were learning and performing the Universal forms and curriculum.  Approximately 2000 schools are now teaching a variation of that curriculum.

Times have progressed and lots of good martial artists have launched good curriculum programs. But there has also been a loss of “Martial Arts” in many martial arts programs. Parents at these schools are constantly asking, “When are my kids going to start learning karate and stop with the games and play time?” The answer to that question? When owners implement a specific curriculum that creates great looking students, high retention in classes, and a very happy client base.

As a result Greg Silva has worked hard with Derek Frader in Mesa, Arizona. They have updated the Universals and made it even better. Way better! They have updated it to a 36 month rotating curriculum. Why? First, it allow more classes per day and lets you teach more students in a smaller environment.  Second, it enhances the elements originally thought of as the qualities of a champion.  So each student covers them in the 36 month rotation twice.  Think of it this way: water or H2O is made of hydrogen and oxygen.  Elements of a Black Belt are mind, fitness, basics, self defense, sparring and weapons training. Each element must adhere to the others to make a Black Belt. The Universal Elements Curriculum is strategically designed so that fitness, basics, self defense, sparring, and weapons use the same muscle memory per cycle for enhanced student performance.

Will YOU evolve your curriculum and way of teaching?

You will want to implement Universal Elements if:

  • You want a curriculum that works for all students, regardless of age
  • You want a curriculum that is well planned out for your staff to learn and teach - plug and play
  • You want easy to follow written class plans and videos
  • You want a curriculum that is exciting to both learn and teach
  • You want a curriculum that has cycle based themes to unite your school
  • You want a curriculum that is demo team ready and great for competition
  • You want something new and cool to sell in your pro shops - apparel for each cycle
  • You want the opportunity to have your staff be fully certified in ELEMENTS at one of our many training colleges scheduled for 2015.
  • You are currently teaching the Universals and are excited about teaching something new and cutting edge
  • You are currently teaching a curriculum that you feel needs something more or even a complete change

The ELEMENTS of a Black Belt

The Universal Curriculum was built on the 6 Qualities of a Black Belt:  Power, Speed, Intensity, Focus, Excellence and Accuracy. Elements is the next evolution of the Universals. Elements are parts of the whole. In martial arts they are the 6 qualities of a champion. These qualities will be a part of every one of your staff and your students as they teach and train in all 6 Element Cycles.

The Element Cycles are:

Intensity - Red/Fire - Element 1 - Kama
Power - Blue/Water - Element 2 - Double Nunchakus
Speed - Yellow/Air - Element 3 - Sword
Accuracy - Green/Earth - Element 4 - Double Escrima
Focus - Black/Dark - Element 5 - Sai
Excellence - White/Light - Element 6 - Bo Staff

You have an opportunity right here and now to make a very important decision. Will you evolve your curriculum?  Increase the value of your classes and staff?  Give your school a much needed injection of excitement?  Find out more about Elements and how exactly it will help you?  Or will you do all of the above and much, MUCH more?

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